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Getting Started

Welcome to the 101 Digital APIs.

101 Digital is a comprehensive API framework that will enable you to build and deploy mobile applications very quickly. Let's get started.

Follow the simple list below to get up & running with the 101 Digital

1) Browse the APIs

  • Explore the complete list of APIs here. There are Budget Cashflow and Wallet APIs, Member APIs, Product APIs, Investment and Insurance Calculator APIs and many more. You can view all the documentation for the APIs and also Test run the APIs.

2) Browse Sample and Tutorial Apps

  • We have a collection of Sample Apps and Tutorials developed here. You can check out the apps, learn how these apps were built and even download the source code.

3) Start innovating and building Apps

  • Next, you’ll be ready to Register, introduce yourself to us and start collaborating. We’ll provide you with test data to use in the Sandbox environment and verify that your application works smoothly. Our consultants have extensive experience with open banking applications and can assist you to innovate and build your applications.

3) Go Live

  • Your application can be deployed in a variety of ways. Deploy as a Banking as a service model, or within your own domain. Get in touch with us to obtain approval for production and then launch your idea!
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